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Worst Collages Ever

What is a collage? A few photos clipped from old nudie mags and then pasted onto water-damaged newsprint? Usually! Truth be told, when we hear the word “collage” our stomachs start to turn – we don’t have time for nostalgia! When a little birdie told us that painter and curator, Chris Dorland, was working on the Worst Collages Ever we knew had to see them! An expert in skimming surfaces both online and off for powerful imagery, Dorland creates new works that don’t fail in delivering that which is ugly, terrible, and undeniable!

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Bild Müll (degenerous)

Bild Müll (the situation)

Bild Müll (subscribe)

Bild Müll (old europe)

Bild Müll (one more time)

Bild Müll (that special card)

Bild Müll (bubble butt)

Bild Müll (discover)

Bild Müll (he said she said)

Bild Müll (power fucker)