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100 Photos of a Beautiful Boy



Smoochie Boochies

100 Photos of a Beautiful Boy


Sistery Mystery

There once was a plumber from Lee

Who was plumbing his girl by the sea

She said Stop your plumbing,

There’s somebody coming!

Said the plumber still plumbing… It’s me!

There once was a woman named Jill

Who swallowed an exploding pill

They found her vagina

In North Carolina

And her tits in a tree in Brazil

Now this right old man was a sick ‘un

He had a dozen hen ripe for the pickin’

He’d chase ‘em around

With his trousers pulled down

And he’d say “Whatsa matter, you chicken?”

There once was a fellow McSweeny

Who spilled some gin on his weenie

Just to be couth

He added vermouth

Then slipped his girlfriend a martini

A bear taking a dump asked a rabbit

“Does shit stick to your fur as a habit?”

“Of course not,” said the hare,

“It’s really quite rare!”

So the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit.

There once was a man from Havana

Screwed a girl on a player piano

At the height of their fever

Her ass hit the lever

And Yes, he has no banana…

I had me a wench from East Broint

Who bade me her skin to anoint

The girl had arthritis

And so I decided

She wouldn’t mind one more stiff joint.